Most of what I now make comes from wood locally sourced in East Dorset.  This includes trees which have died, or been brought down by storm damage, or have had to be felled because they are dangerous. 

I find that the decaying and knotty parts of a tree, which would normally have no use other than as fuel, are often the most rewarding.  Firewood stocks of friends and neighbours are not excluded in my search for interesting wood and can produce exciting finds!

My main interest is to turn domestic pieces such as salad bowls, fruit bowls and platters, salt and pepper mills and other decorative items which display the inherent beauty of the wood hidden beneath a tree’s bark.

As a member of the Dorset Woodturners Association I am involved in demonstrating and providing tuition to help and encourage others.


If you have a much loved tree which, for whatever reason, has come to the end of its life, why not ask me to produce something which will act as a permanent reminder of the pleasure it gave while it lived?

The photographs on the following pages show the range of what I produce.

Dimensions indicate the overall size- diameter and height- in millimetres.

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Welcome to my woodturning site.

From an early age I admired the skills of the woodturner and have been inspired by reading that in parts of ancient China woodsmen would bow to the trees they were about to fell and promise that the timber would be used well.  Surely, something made from wood can be said to represent a second life for the tree from which it came.

In 2000 I purchased a powerful lathe and started to do something about the fallen trees on my woodland and convert some of the timber into useful objects.